For flat twin & CPC cabling

LINIAN T&E Clips are designed specifically for twin, cpc cabling and PVC trunking. Suitable for all substrates, they provide a robust fixing designed to support an impressive tensile load of 24kg. With T&E Clips, the installer can anchor fixings for wire safely and form a bend in the cable without having to remove the clip to do so. T&E Clips also provide a neat, easy and versatile substitute and eradicate the need for screws, plugs and plastic. SuperClips are designed to provide a lasting fix, however, if a design change is required, the clips can be simply removed with a set of pincers.

  • Twin, cpc cabling and PVC trunking
  • Anchor fixings for wire etc
  • Corrosion Resistant – UV Stable

T&E Clip™ sizeguide

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